Lift/sliding systems KBE PremiDoor 76 Lux AluClip

From the very outset, the KBE Lux variant has been synonymous with slender profile sight lines and the associated larger glazed areas allowing a larger passage of light. KBE AluClip represents an easy to install, yet above all elegant and stable aluminium cladding system. In the PremiDoor 76 Lux AluClip, these two designs meet and merge into a perfect symbiosis of elegance and design.

The AluClip extension is characterised by its weather resistance and can be provided with countless painting or finishing techniques like e.g. powder coating or anodising. Thanks to thousands of RAL colours, nothing more stands in the way of individual design.

Yet as with any other lift/sliding door system, not only the superficial values count. KBE PremiDoor 76 Lux AluClip also presents a captivating range of inner values. Thermal insulation values of Uf = 1.4 W/(m²K) and glazing options up to 50 mm thick are just as impressive as the maximum sizes. For instance, separate sliding elements are possible that are up to 6.50 metres wide and 2.60 metres high, and these elements too open and close with a fascinating ease. The perfect supplement to the system is the full accessibility threshold, making it the highlight of every home – and that with a good conscience, for the KBE PremiDoor not only saves costs, it is also sustainable. A known fact now, KBE has been doing away with lead in its virgin material for years, and by supporting VinylPlus, has deliberately decided in favour of recycling to offer you a perfected, top quality lift/sliding door system.

  • Lift/sliding door with aluminium cladding
  • Wide range of colours
  • Standard thermal insulation value Uf of 1.4 W(m²K)
  • Single elements 2.40 metres high and up to 6.50 metres wide
  • Glazing packages up to 50 mm thick
  • Slender profile sight lines for excellent passage of light
  • Smooth and quiet running
  • Intelligent sealing system with high volume seal in the centre fastener