Lift/sliding systems KBE PremiDoor 76 Lux

The Lux variant bears its name with good reason. Whereas lux is the unit of illuminance in physics, KBE PremiDoor 76 Lux stands above all for one thing: light, light, and even more light. More daylight, more sunlight, more passage of light, more light indoors. Like no other lift/sliding door, the Lux variant knows how to provide living space with natural light. The slender, filigree profiles allow huge glazed areas and unbelievable pane weights. Glazing up to 50 mm thick is just as little a problem as elements up to 6.50 metres wide and 2.60 metres high – and all that with a sight line of only 40 mm in the fixed sash.

The intelligent design and the innovative seal system turn the KBE PremiDoor 76 Lux into a true insulating miracle. Thermal insulation values of 1.4 W/(m²K) are impressive, but not the last highlight of this lift/sliding door. For example, sashes weighing several 100 kilograms slide with incredible ease: opening like dream with extraordinary stability.

A conspicuously convenient solution, and an eye catcher to boot, is the full accessibility threshold. Yet also the many design options leave virtually no wish unfulfilled. Laminates in a range of wood, plain, or metallic colours, or the whole in neutral PVC white, are just as possible as the innovative and unique surface finishing technology proCoverTec. Enchanting colours whose pleasant feel and protective properties cannot fail to convince.

All in all a perfected lift/sliding door system that is also sustainable thanks to our greenline maxim of effective recycling and exclusively lead-free stabilisers.

  • PremiDoor 76 Lux – modern lift/sliding door system
  • Slender profile sight lines and large glazed areas
  • Five chamber design
  • Element sizes up to 6.5 metres high and 2.60 metres wide
  • Thermal insulation value Uf = 1.4 W/(m²K) in the standard design
  • Glass thicknesses possible up to 50 mm
  • Wide range of colours: Profile white or the most diverse laminate colours
  • Innovative surface technology proCoverTec available
  • Sustainability thanks to carefully selected materials and voluntary recycling concept