Sliding systems KBE PremiSlide 76 – More comfort for your home

KBE PremiSlide 76 is an innovative sliding window and door system. It is ideal for multiple-part facade panels over a large area. Its great advantage over conventional tilt/turn solutions is the small space needed for its opened elements. No window sash projecting into the room. No clearing of sills before opening. Simply effective with superior engineering properties. Unlike conventional sliding windows, which by far are not as tight as normal tilt/turn windows, PremiSlide 76 is based on the market leader KBE 76.

This new design focused on tightness and smooth running. Top values for tightness against driving rain, air permeability, and sound insulation, coupled with thermal insulation values up to 1.4 W/(m²K) as standard. The fitted window can then achieve values even up to 0.7 W/(m²K), affording a huge contribution to saved heating costs.

One highlight is the innovative carriage. Even after a sheer endless number of operations, KBE PremiSlide 76 can be opened and closed with impressive ease without signs of wear. The perfect complement to this overall impression is the intelligent gap ventilation that nevertheless maintains protection against burglars.

Like all KBE window and door systems, PremiSlide 76 is available in a wide range of laminates. Typically wood grains, plain colours, or modern metallic looks. Choose the colour and opening mode best suited to your project. KBE PremiSlide 76 – More comfort for your home.

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