70 mm systems KBE 70 EL REGEL-air®

There are a large number of cases where the conventional ventilation methods are inadequate, e.g. when somebody is home only rarely. Here the ventilation system REGEL-air® provides for fresh air – also without active ventilation.

KBE introduces no fewer than three different REGEL-air® fans depending on the installation conditions and the air needs. For instance, there is the old established REGEL-air® FL rebate fan that can be installed only in the horizontal section of the window. The fan features two-stage wind pressure regulation and so promotes an excellent living climate.

Another fan is the REGEL-air® RF with a return spring that makes this so special. Owing to this spring, the fan can be installed not only horizontally, but also vertically. This may be necessary above all in slender windows. Otherwise, the values and properties are the same as the rebate fan’s.

Last of all, KBE 70 EL also gives you the REGEL-air® PLUS. Here too, the name says it all: the PLUS is attached in addition and supplies that extra for the air passage values. The fan offers continuous manual volume flow regulation, safeguarding a precise and needs based supply of air to the rooms.

Each of these three fans can be fitted easily and at low cost – also on windows with other installation depths. So, supply healthy air to your home, directly and easily.

  • Constant, uniform supply of fresh air
  • Minimises high air humidity and the risk of mould
  • Simple retrofit
  • Integrated in the outer frame rebate, so virtually invisible from the inside and outside when the window is closed
  • Easy to clean
  • Tested sound insulation up to 43 dB
  • Tightness against driving rain and air passage in accordance with DIN and EU standards
  • Ventilation in accordance with DIN 1946-6