76 mm systems KBE 76 double seal system passive house

Want to do a lot for the environment, yet save costs without sacrificing convenience and design? The passive house makes it possible: with KBE 76. When fitted with the upgrade technologies AluClip Pro and proEnergyTec, the modern window system in no fewer than two variants fulfills the high energy saving requirements for passive houses.

The passive house concept can work only in conjunction with an ingenious thermal insulation that limits the annual heating requirements to 15 kWh/m² of living space. This allows a building to be heated alone from passive energy sources without the need for a separate heating system. One of the most important elements here is the window system KBE 76 with AluClip Pro and proEnergyTec.
The slender profile sight lines with the aluminium cover not only allow a modern design with large glazed areas, but also increase solar gains.

The reinforcing chambers in the sash and frame are filled with proEnergyTec foam. The resulting thermal insulation values fulfill the required passive house standard. Moreover, the environment also benefits in that proEnergyTec can be recycled easily at a later date.

KBE 76 AluClip Pro gives you the best of two worlds: aluminium and PVC-U in the one innovative system. Aluminium presents a convincing elegance, the best weather resistance, high stability, and a wide range of colours. PVC-U provides the optimal thermal and sound insulation in addition to functional reliability. Yet another advantage – The aluminium can take over the static function without the need for complex bonding between the glazing and window sash.

  • Passive house compatible
  • 81,5 mm installation depth
  • Foam filled with proEnergyTec
  • Excellent thermal insulation value of Uf = 0.92 W/(m²K)
  • Elegant aluminium design for coatings in all RAL colours
  • A system for the whole home
  • Fully recyclable
  • High stability through aluminium saves complex bonding and steel reinforcements
  • Lead free in the virgin material – greenline