88 mm systems KBE 88 residential door AluClip

The residential door communicates the initial impression of every building and is a decisive factor in the overall look. Put your trust in the stylish and effective end-to-end solutions from KBE. These express your personal tastes and also optimise the strengths of this special residential door system. 

You can opt for an inward or outward opening door as you see fit. Hence all requirements are covered, whether for private or commercial properties. In addition to the classical residential doors, the KBE 88 AluClip residential door system also offers balcony, terrace, and parallel sliding/tilting doors. These personalised aesthetics are complemented by the virtually unlimited range of colours.

Yet KBE not only turns your residential door into a real eye catcher – also the technology behind the system is so to speak an allround talent: AluClip is a PVC-U system provided with aluminium cladding. This makes optimal use of the benefits both these materials provide. On the outside aluminium for an elegant look with high weather resistance and stability, on the inside PVC-U for optimal thermal insulation values, functional reliability, dimensional stability, and easy care. Featuring multiple sealing levels and a thermal break for unusually high tightness values, the threshold nevertheless permits full accessibility.

Investing in the KBE 88 AluClip residential door system pays off – for functionality, appealing design, and reduced energy costs.

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