88 mm systems KBE System_88mm AddOn

The KBE AddOn is a continued development of the established compound sash technology. As with most of the other available variants, the main features are the additional foremounted sash for enhanced sound and thermal insulation values and the internal louvre behind this.
The louvres therefore function as a shutter system and sunshade protected perfectly against external effects. The additional glazing level can take a range of panes of e.g. safety, tinted, or self cleaning special glass.

The AddOn compound sash is attached to the KBE System_88mm aluminium cladding, but can also be fitted on virtually all other systems – also after they have been installed. The advantage – old windows do not have to be removed. Soiling keeps within limits, you save heating costs and can enjoy the enhanced value of internal louvres.

When the whole window is replaced, System_88mm can be fitted additionally with proEnergyTec insulation cores, enhancing its thermal insulation values even more. The insulation cores, like all other components in the window, are fully recyclable. This is also part of our greenline principle. KBE windows must be sustainable. As a result, KBE has been doing away with lead based stabilisers in its virgin material for years. As a customer, you may therefore be certain that you not only have a window system with excellent privacy, sound, and thermal properties, but are also acting for the benefit of the environment.

  • Integrated shutter system and sunshade lies protected from the weather between the panes
  • Additional glass pane for greater sound and thermal insulation
  • 88 mm installation depth with 54 mm glazing offset
  • For direct installation on PVC-U window sashes or clip-on aluminium covers
  • Simple retrofit, hence ideal for renovation.
  • Optimal economic efficiency, eco friendly, durable, and robust
  • Unlimited colour schemes
  • Integrated shutter system and sunshade
  • Optional centre seal
  • proEnergyTec possible
  • Fully recyclable
  • Lead free stabilisers in the virgin material completely in line with the greenline maxim