88 mm systems KBE System_88mm AluFusion

High thermal insulation together with efficient production and great stability are the chief properties of the established 88 mm system from KBE. This innovative window system was designed from the very outset as a combined system. In other words, fitting an additional sealing level turns the KBE System_88mm into a high quality centre seal system. This above all reduces storage costs and enhances system flexibility. Installing the centre seal is a fast solution for improving the heat transfer coefficient by a tenth. All ancillaries and other expansions are perfectly identical. So the patented AluFusion system is available for the centre seal variant as well.

Unlike simple aluminium cladding, however, the AluFusion system can be connected quickly and easily to the PVC-U profile. The aluminium profile safeguards unique stability values, making steel reinforcements unnecessary in most cases. The thermal insulation is the responsibility of the PVC-U profile, which can perform this function far better than conventional aluminium windows.

There are two AluFusion variants in total, which differ above all in way the panes are fitted.
The filigree aluminium covers offer a large design potential for the aluminium window, i.e. you can choose from countless RAL colours and the most diverse finishing methods for the outside cover. On the inside, your windows present a convincing combination of optimal thermal insulation, sound insulation, and easy care for the PVC-U profiles.

Overall an intelligent solution offering you many fascinating possibilities. Sash doors up to 2.6 m high and 1.0 m wide pose no difficulties. An advantage that proves its value above all in new buildings. KBE System_88mm AluFusion leaves no wish unfulfilled for ever larger window elements with a high proportion of glass.

  • Aluminium look with a large range of colours and on the inside, PVC-U in neutral white
  • Full face elements for large window areas with functional covers of aluminium in a timeless design
  • Impressive sash doors are possible, up to 2.6 m high and 1.0 m wide
  • Use of special functional glazing, 26 mm and 38 mm thick
  • Considerably enhanced thermal insulation than on conventional aluminium windows, Uf values up to 1.1 W/(m²K).
  • Sound insulation values up to 46 dB
  • Intelligent 6-chamber technology
  • Covers in two variants with different designs
  • Eco friendly production:
  • AluFusion windows are stabilised with the lead free calcium-zinc "greenline" and are fully recyclable.