88 mm systems KBE System_88mm ALUSTAR

Composite systems of various materials have been an expanding segment for years. Consequently, KBE has been offering a connection of PVC-U profile and aluminium cover for its high end profile solution System_88mm ever since it was launched.

As in other composite systems, each component is assigned different tasks. In ALUSTAR, above all the PVC-U profile provides for good sound and thermal insulation values, and a cosy living climate in your home. The aluminium cladding attached to the outside brings with it the advantage of high durability and weather resistance. Furthermore, the aluminium covers can be very easily individualised with the most diverse RAL colours and effects, e.g. anodising, lending the window a fantastic design.

The whole window can be recycled with its aluminium cover and PVC-U profiles and introduced back into the material cycle for sustainability. As a supporter of the VinylPlus programme, KBE has committed itself voluntarily to sustainable recycling. Accordingly, KBE System_88mm ALUSTAR windows are not only functional and stylish, they are also sustainable and a sound investment in the future.

  • High quality aluminium design with top scores in sound and thermal insulation
  • Upgrading techniques like anodising and powder coating provide inexhaustible possibilities in the choice of colours
  • Outstanding durability and weather resistance thanks to the clip-on aluminium cladding
  • Enhanced stability and full recyclability