88 mm systems KBE System_88mm standard

The centre seal variant of the successful System_88mm is characterised by a further improvement to the insulating value. Fitting the additional centre seal generates a second sealing level with a positive effect on thermal and sound insulation. The standard variant can then reduce its Uf value by a tenth.

Otherwise, the centre seal scarcely differs from the weather seal. In the first instance, the differences are found in the production technologies. Also the centre seal system comes with solutions for aluminium cladding, composite systems, and AluFusion. The system is also reminescent of the residential doors from the double seal system, with absolutely identical external contours.

Solely a passive house solution is available in this system only because only the one variant with centre seal has been certified. This high thermal insulation centre seal modification received the 2010 SolVin innovation award in the recycling category. Ultra modern coextrusion plants were acquired specifically for the KBE system. This made possible a remarkable recycled rate of 50% and an Uf value of 0.79 W/(m²K). These extrusion plants come into play not only for the passive house version: all variants pass through these, whether double or centre seal.

It is a known fact that KBE has been dedicated for years to the sustainable treatment of materials and is a member of the VinylPlus programme. Even after being repeatedly recycled, PVC-U properties do not deteriorate, but quite the opposite. Accordingly, the KBE System_88mm is not only a window system that was honoured with an innovation award years ago, it will also continue to fulfil the requirements and needs of the market for years to come.

  • Consistent six chamber technology. The additional integration of a seventh chamber formed by an innovative steel reinforcement provides superior thermal insulation properties
  • Considerable reduction to energy consumption and CO2 emissions through improved thermal insulation: Uf values from 1.0 in the standard to 0.79 W(m²K) in Various expansion stages
  • Optional centre seal for an additional increase to thermal insulation and improved tightness against wind and driving rain
  • Outstanding sound insulation values of 48 dB
  • Deep glazing offset of 54 mm
  • Modern design, perfect proportions
  • Unique range of colours
  • Enhanced static properties, windows in large sizes
  • Ventilation solutions available
  • Foam filling possible with proEnergyTec
  • Fully recyclable
  • Exclusive use of lead-free stabilisers in the virgin material – greenline