88 mm systems KBE System_88mm ALUSTAR

Can windows be sexy? The ALUSTAR variant from KBE is at least far ahead in this ranking. KBE System_88mm ALUSTAR combines the best of both worlds, scoring top points in the categories functionality, quality, and especially design.

In the ALUSTAR variant, the 88 mm PVC-U profile system from KBE is connected to aluminium cladding. The positive advantages of both materials are therefore integrated in the completed window. Aluminium exhibits a high resistance to external effects and can be combined optimally with all kinds of paints and colour effects. Seen as such, aluminium can offer you a huge range of finishing possibilities.

The strength of PVC-U, on the other hand, lies in its superior sound and thermal insulation. For instance, PVC-U can be recycled to excellent effect, and improves rather than deteriorates after every recycling process. The whole window can be dismantled into its separate components and introduced to a sustainable material cycle. As a supporter of the VinylPlus programme, KBE has committed itself voluntarily to sustainable recycling. Accordingly, KBE System_88mm ALUSTAR windows are not only functional and stylish, they are also sustainable and a sound investment in the future.

  • High quality aluminium design with top scores in sound and thermal insulation
  • Upgrading techniques like anodising and powder coating provide inexhaustible possibilities in the choice of colours
  • Outstanding durability and weather resistance thanks to the clip-on aluminium cladding
  • Enhanced stability and full recyclability