88 mm systems KBE System_88mm REGEL-air

The insulation in modern buildings is improving all the time. Insulated walls, insulated roofs, and highly insulating windows and doors. A constant, uniform supply of fresh air is therefore no longer ensured as in older buildings.

The occupants give off moisture from their bodies, but also from cooking, showering, and washing the laundry. This moist, and also stale air must be replaced continuously. For this reason, regular rush ventilation is indispensable in preventing high air humidity and hence the formation of mould. Unfortunately, only very few people can safeguard this because work or other activities mean that the building is not occupied around the clock.

And it is exactly here where window ventilators come into play. They safeguard a regular supply of fresh air to the rooms, hence improving the indoor climate. Mould and bad air are a thing of the past. Ventilation directly at the window is the simplest and cheapest variant, and perfectly adequate in most cases as well.

For this reason, KBE offers REGEL-air for its System_88mm. In this case, REGEL-air consists of three different fans. The rebate fan that is installed horizontally only. REGEL-air with return spring that can be installed horizontally or even – especially in slender windows – vertically. And finally REGEL-air PLUS that safeguards an additional supply of air for greater requirements.

With these three ventilator variants, you are on the safe side and can protect yourself and your home against major damage.

  • Constant, uniform supply of fresh air
  • Minimises high air humidity and the risk of mould
  • Simple retrofit
  • Integrated in the outer frame rebate, so virtually invisible from the inside and outside when the window is closed
  • Easy to clean
  • Tested sound insulation up to 43 dB
  • Tightness against driving rain and air passage in accordance with DIN and EU standards
  • Ventilation in accordance with DIN 1946-6