88 mm systems KBE System_88mm standard

A modern window and door system that is setting standards. It offers you the highest living standards, at the same time fulfilling the highest demands for cost effectiveness, environmental protection, thermal insulation, and security against forced entry.

Constantly rising energy costs demand maximum economy. That is why investing in windows with high thermal insulation values ultimately pays off. This is made possible by the consistent six chamber technology and the option of fitting a wide range of glazing up to special functional panes. PVC-U windows for the profile generation KBE System_88mm achieves top values that help you to slash your energy costs.

The exceptionally elegant window look assures the maximum passage of light and a harmonised overall presentation. The enhanced static properties of the profiles allow particularly large windows to be designed without problems. And with the wide range of colour and laminate variants, there are no limits to your design ideas.

This KBE 88 mm system is a so called combined system. In other words, its standard design is a double seal system. However, it can be converted quickly into a centre seal system when it is fitted with a centre seal, i.e. an additional sealing level, that enhances the Uf value by a tenth. The advantage lies clearly in the reduced storage requirements. The window maker then needs only one sash, frame, and glazing bead to produce two systems with differing thermal insulation values.

The benefit for the developer lies in the flexibility: the system can take proEnergyTec inserts that enhance its thermal insulation up to the passive house standard. Also in matters of design, the KBE system comes with many laminates, coatable aluminium covers, and the aluminium compound solution AddOn for even greater individualisation. Together with the analogous door solutions, you will receive a window and door system that leaves no wish unfulfilled.

  • Consistent six chamber double seal technology. The additional integration of a seventh chamber formed by an innovative steel reinforcement provides superior thermal insulation properties
  • Considerable reduction to energy consumption and CO2 emissions through improved thermal insulation: Uf values from 1.1 in the standard to 0.79 W(m²K) in Various expansion stages
  • Optional centre seal for additional increase in thermal insulation and improvement to tightness against driving rain and wind 
  • Outstanding sound insulation values of 48 dB
  • Deep glazing offset of 54 mm
  • Modern design, perfect proportions
  • Unique range of colours
  • Enhanced static properties, windows in large sizes
  • Ventilation solutions available
  • Foam filling possible with proEnergyTec
  • Fully recyclable
  • Exclusive use of lead-free stabilisers in the virgin material – greenline