88 mm systems KBE System_88mm residential door ALUSTAR

Residential doors exert a sustainable effect on the appearance of a building. They testify to individual tastes and individual ideas of safety and security.

ALUSTAR residential doors are the aluminium cladding solution for the inward opening residential door variant of the 88 mm system with the same name. In addition to the standard residential door, also balcony, terrace, and parallel sliding/tilting doors can be fitted with the aluminium cladding.

Like all KBE aluminium cladding systems, the cover need only be clipped on and has no adverse effects on the excellent thermal insulation values of the PVC-U profile beneath. In other words, ALUSTAR gives you only the advantages of the two materials, without any of the drawbacks. Specifically, this means for the 88 mm residential door with aluminium cover that you have every freedom possible for your design. The most diverse colour facets and finishing methods are available to you. You can choose from thousands of RAL colours and combine these with the most diverse panes, rails, or prefabricated panelling. Also models with top light, with one or more sashes, with or without side frame are available as standard. The basis is provided by the residential door from System_88mm. This offers high thermal and sound insulation values, and it can be fully recycled and introduced back into the material cycle.

By purchasing the KBE System_88mm ALUSTAR you have chosen an individual, sustainable, and cost-effective solution that will have a positive effect on your property.

  • Highly insulating residential door system with 88 mm installation depth, Uf value = 1.1 W/(m²K) with design of straight lines, excluding the threshold
  • Six chamber design with maximal sized steel reinforcement and welded corner connectors for greater static properties
  • Two sealing levels, protection against driving rain, and optimal imperviousness to wind on the highest level
  • Barrier free threshold with thermal break
  • Threshold connector for precision fitting and sealing between frame and threshold
  • For special functional glazing or residential door panelling of 24–54 mm
  • Aluminium weather bar and rebate pad set for optimal protection against driving rain
  • Max sash sizes:
    Single-sash side-hung door: 1200 x 2400 mm
    Floating mullion door: 1100 x 2400 mm