88 mm systems KBE System_88mm residential door with intersash panelling

A modern home needs an original residential door system. Accordingly, KBE has developed an innovative solution for the fast, simple attachment of intersash add-on panelling. The residential doors from KBE are characterised by outstanding technology with a wide range of functions. The add-on panelling completely conceals the door sash and the seals, so you are presented a generous appearance of elegance with outstanding thermal insulation and high stability. A further convincing feature of this solution is its easy, fast, and low cost handling in assembly processes. Here, the add-on panelling functions as a support, preventing the sash from sagging. This new technology can be combined with the extensive panelling range of our exclusive partner Rodenberg and can be used on all residential doors with 70, 76, and 88 mm installation depths.

The full face panelling lends the whole door a look of high quality. The panelling conceals completely the sash and does not need stepped transitions. This enhances not only the visual appeal, but also the ease of care and protection against forced entry. 

To sum up, you could say that intersash panelling of good workmanship are a visual and technical highlight in every home.

  • Panelling up to 65 mm thick for excellent thermal insulation
  • Short manufacturing time
  • High strength from allround bonding
  • No glazing beads necessary
  • No blocking necessary
  • No sagging sashes
  • Elegant and modern look
  • Push handle can be secured both in the sash and on the panelling sheet