Systemy odstawno-przesuwne System okien i drzwi PremiLine

Quiet. Long lived. Safe. There are many kinds of luxury. With PremiLine, the exceptionally quiet sliding system, you’ll learn a few more. The PremiLine sliding system can be opened and closed with the greatest of ease. Its precision fits make it extremely quiet and easy to use. Even with large glazed areas, the PremiLine profiles ensure that the sliding elements move in near perfect silence, a result of the window and door sashes’ high stability.

Thanks to the excellent static properties of the underlying design, PremiLine sliding elements also provide a high level of security. And because PremiLine sliding elements also exhibit particularly long service lives, you can safely lean back and now enjoy more comfort when your PremiLine sliding elements run on high quality stainless steel tracks.

KBE offers a wide range of wood grain and plain colour laminates for its PremiLine. The sliding door can then be individualised even further. In this respect, the PremiLine offers not only comfort, but also design made to measure. In conjunction with the greenline maxim: We are committed to developing only energy efficient windows and using only lead-free stabilisers in our virgin material, so you receive a sliding system that provides you with all key values and properties.

  • Distinctive, double chamfered sash profiles with seals in black or light grey
  • There are many possible glazing types to choose from. And of course, divided sliding elements can also be fitted with Georgian bars. Special functional glazing is possible with panes up to 28 mm thick.
  • On request a letterbox can be integrated in your PremiLine sliding door
  • Besides white, PremiLine is also available in laminated designs. You can choose either wood grain or plain colour for the outside – with neutral white on the inside – or wood grain for inside and outside
  • Recyclable
  • greenline maxim