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Perfect indoor climate thanks to ventilation

Perfect indoor climate thanks to ventilation

Thanks to ultra-modern technologies, today’s buildings are insulated with ever greater effectiveness. Heat losses are decreasing on a continuous basis. The drawback to these excellently insulated buildings is the lacking supply of fresh air. Whereas earlier, joins and gaps let air into buildings, this natural exchange of stale and fresh air is practically no longer possible in today’s buildings. The consequence is that the oxygen content of the air drops and humidity rises. People emit moisture to the air, whether through their bodies, showering, or cooking. This air is a perfect breeding ground for unhealthy mould. Yet also a room with stale or dry air can generate an unpleasant climate and cause headaches and poor concentration.

Basically, the effects of bad air can be counteracted with correct ventilation. Above it, it must be ensured that this exchange takes place several times a day in the form of rush ventilation, between fully open and not just tilted windows. The room temperature should not drop under 15 °C, and the heating switched off for the duration of this ventilation, for cost reasons.

Unfortunately, this simplest of ways to ventilate your home is not so simple in today’s times. For many reasons, including working hours, many of these homes are unoccupied during the day, and so cannot be ventilated several times and above all regularly. That is why many new buildings are now fitted with intelligent ventilation systems. The simplest option here is the window ventilator. This is also generally available as a retrofit. KBE is a pioneer in window ventilation systems and can provide the most diverse solutions for the most diverse ventilation requirements.

Consult a specialist on the ideal ventilation solution, and create the perfect living climate in your own home.