Topics & Trends Design diversity with PVC-U windows

The requirements modern architecture must fulfil do not stop at thermal and sound insulation. Today’s buildings must be above all aesthetic and individual. The owner must see himself in the design of his home. Dull, monotonous, unified facades are out, whereas colour and individuality have been advancing for years. In some countries, the proportion of colour profiles is as high as 60%.

KBE is fuelling this trend with its wide range of colour laminates, aluminium covers for linings, and its surface finishing proCoverTec.

Yet modern PVC-U window systems can do so much more. For instance, the KBE brand also offers window systems with straight or round contours. These can be bent into the most diverse window forms like e.g. rectangles, triangles, trapeziums, round arches, or bull’s eyes. These forms can be enhanced with rails, slender or wide window profiles, flush mounted or offset sight lines. Yet also possible, of course, are a range of mullion and floating mullion variants that in turn can be supplemented with skylights, sublights, and side frames with fixed glazing. Modern window manufacture makes virtually everything possible, also different opening modes through the window’s hardware.

Last but not least, the decision to buy is also swayed by the appearance, and here KBE achieves top scores with the huge diversity of its programme.

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