KBE is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of PVC-U profiles. Our product range includes various window, door, sliding, and shutter systems.

  • Window & residential door systems

    Window & residential door systems

    The most obvious difference between KBE window and residential door systems is their installation depth, but every system comes with its own advantages.

  • Hybrid systems

    Hybrid systems

    Kömmerling 76 Unity is different. It is THE perfect solution, in which PVC-U and aluminium materials have been developed into a hybrid system in a collaborative manner utilising synergy. See for yourself and find out more with our partner brand Kömmerling.

  • Threshold systems

    Threshold systems

    Barrier-free, in other words no-threshold transitions from living space to terrace or balcony are standard in today’s upmarket housing construction. The PremiPlan and PremiPlan Plus threshold systems provide the optimum solutions for this.

  • Sliding systems

    Sliding systems

    Intelligent sliding and lift/sliding systems belong in the range of every window profile supplier. Here, KBE has been proving its development skills for years.

  • Shutter systems

    Shutter systems

    In their own special way, roller and French shutters present a convincing range of functions and characteristic advantages. See for yourself and find out more with our partner brand Kömmerling.

  • Ancillaries all around the window

    Ancillaries all around the window

    Whether adhesives, cleaning agents, fasteners, sealants, any of diverse components, and much, much more, our extensive range of ancillaries and commercial products will not fail to convince you of its benefits all around your window.