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Greater safety and security with PVC-U windows

Greater safety and security with PVC-U windows

5.5 million attempted burglaries worldwide, in Germany alone over 150,000 in 2014, and these are on the rise – with fewer burglars getting caught. These are alarming figures. What helps is prevention – protection against forced entry. What these figures do not reveal at first sight: They depict “only” attempts, not every burglary attempt was successful. Many of these attempted burglaries could be prevented through coincidence, security systems, or simply well protected windows and doors. Windows, balcony doors, and terrace doors are the weak points of a home. Most burglars force entry precisely through these openings. More often, it is the sneak thief that enters through open, angled, or tilted windows and terrace doors.

What can we do to prevent this? Always close windows and doors when leaving home – and do not leave windows at tilted positions. This simple rule makes it difficult enough for thieves. Other possibilities take the form of special glazing, burglar-resistant hardware, additional locks, and even window grilles. All these safety measures are divided into various resistance classes. These classes differ in their resistance times, burglar types, procedures, and even the different tools carried.

The resistance classes range from RC 1 to RC 6. The highest class is the best class. In general, the classes RC 1 and RC 2 are perfectly adequate, and they can also be realised easily on all of the conventional KBE PVC-U window systems.

Consult your competent window maker for detailed advice. Every living situation and also every safety requirement is individual.