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profine eSolutions: Digital solutions for window sales

With its new subsidiary profine eSolutions GmbH, the profine Group is making headway when it comes to digitalization for window construction and retail. The company has already developed two software products for the industry: "framework", an app for guidance, measurements and offers, and the "" (“window purchase”) page, which allows end customers to access their individual offer with just a few clicks - a so-called lead generator for gaining contacts for window manufacturers and dealers.

80 percent of customer journeys begin online

For a long time, the construction industry and its suppliers seemed to oversleep digitalization, but more and more customers were demanding digital elements in communication and advice. profine Group reacted by providing digital tools for its partners, thereby helping with online customer acquisition and digital window advice for end customers.

The greatest challenge for the profine eSolutions team was to identify those fields of digital applications, and to develop appropriate solutions, that have the greatest benefit for end customers and at the same time fit into the business processes of the different profine customers: from small window manufacturing companies with just a few employees through medium-sized specialist companies and retailers to industrial companies.

However, the demand for more digital applications comes primarily from end customers, because in the construction industry, too, at least 80 percent of their “journey” usually begins online. The individual specialist companies here usually have neither the staff nor the means to program or operate complex software applications and are therefore dependent on the help of their main suppliers.

“All of our customers have the strive for highest quality in production and in customer advice in common. We are already supporting production by providing digital master data and now we are supplementing our services with the topic of digital customer acquisition and customer advice," says Marc Habermeyer, Head of Marketing and Brands at profine. - digital customer acquisition

profine Group has been supporting its customers for years with templates for websites and corresponding content, planning software and special training courses in the field of software-supported customer advice.

At end customers can now describe their specific requirements with just a few clicks and thus contact a window partner company. The platform thus serves as a lead generator for the specialist company, an interface for gaining contacts.

On the start page, the customer indicates whether it is about new windows or doors, a repair request or a counter offer for comparison. The system then automatically connects him and the window manufacturer with the help of an algorithm. The big advantage for the end customer is being able to get in touch with a suitable specialist company within a very short time, while the window manufacturers save on marketing and the effort involved in contacting customers.

framework - digital customer guidance

"We wanted to create the digital showroom and we succeeded," summarizes Dr. Dominik Eberl, Head of eBusiness at profine, the result of a year's programming.

Window manufacturing companies and window retailers can use the "framework" guidance tool in the future to digitally take measurements from customer sites and provide full customer advice and order entry. The special point about it: The system actively supports the sales employee in advising customers according to the maxim "selling with values, not with prices".

The tool combines the desire for unique sales advice with the possibility of increased sales: End customer inquiries about thermal insulation, for example, can be supplemented with the topic of security with special fittings or panes with a click. The customer thus receives very thorough and comprehensive advice - and the sales employee has the opportunity to generate more sales.

What is also special about the tool is that it is fully functional both online and offline. “Often our customers' sales staff are out and about in places where there is no network coverage. We have therefore created an app that also works completely offline,” explains Sven Zeller, the project manager responsible for the new software applications.

At customers of profine Group can download "framework" and register for use free of charge.

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