Window & residential door systems 88 mm systems

At present, KBE is offering two PVC window systems with 88 mm installation depth. A so called combined system under the name KBE System_88mm, and the innovative successor KBE 88, a pure centre seal system. Both systems are available in a wide, attractive range of product and residential door variants.

  • KBE 88 centre seal

    KBE 88 centre seal

    KBE 88 is a high quality centre seal system featuring as standard three seals and hence three sealing levels for an especially high degree of thermal insulation. A range of upgrade technologies and expansion variants allow excellent adaptations to all installation conditions and customer wishes.

  • KBE 88 residential door standard

    KBE 88 residential door

    KBE 88 also offers a wide range of PVC residential doors supplementing the balcony, terrace, and parallel sliding/tilting versions. They are particularly characterised by their high stability and good thermal insulation, ideal for all standard installation conditions.

  • Double seal

    KBE System_88mm double seal

    The KBE System_88mm is a combined system, i.e. the standard version features two sealing levels and is a so called double seal system. The window is sealed with an outer and an inner sealing level at the extended leg.

  • Centre seal

    KBE System_88mm centre seal

    The centre seal variant of the KBE System_88mm combined system features an additional, third sealing level rolled into the centre of the profile. The result is a further improvement to thermal insulation.

  • Residential door

    KBE System_88mm residential door

    In addition to balcony, terrace, and parallel sliding/tilting doors, KBE System_88mm also offers extremely stable inward and outward opening residential doors. This section presents these residential doors in all their variants.