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The KBE brand offers one of the largest, if not the largest laminate programme with over eighty variants. We distinguish between three laminate types:

Windows with wood grain structure

Wood grain laminations

The most diverse wood grains are imitated with astonishing fidelity. Perfectly grained and textured, it presents a look that the layman often takes to be a real wooden window. This variant is preferred with laminates on both sides, but also wood grain on the outside and timeless white on the inside is nearly as popular.

Plain colour laminated windows

Plain colour laminations

Here you can choose from the most diverse RAL colours. Predominantly modern grey hues, yet also other attractive colours. The main colours are available as smooth or grained laminates to suit every taste.

Windows with aluminium cover

Metallic colour laminations

A metallic look as a laminate? But of course. KBE metallic laminates have taken up a new trend and imitate brushed metal.