Lift/sliding systems KBE PremiDoor 88 Lux

Large, open rooms with a lot of daylight are the primary wish of most building projects. Large-area lift/sliding elements are ideal for living space flooded with light. With the KBE PremiDoor 88 Lux, only the moving part of the sliding door is fitted with a sash. This is glazed on the outside, resulting in a reduced sash sight line without reductions to the sliding element. The stationary fixed element of the PremiDoor is fitted with fixed glazing. The sash can then be eliminated completely. This reduces the sight line extremely, increasing considerably the glass proportion. This, of course, also has positive effects on solar gains. Accordingly, the thermal insulation values are excellent and can be increased to the passive house standard.

Lift/sliding elements can be realised up to 2.9 m in height and 6.5 m wide with glass thicknesses up to 54 mm. These are impressive elements that weigh several hundred kilograms. Accordingly, the designers focused especially on stability and ease of running. Despite this, these impressive elements can be moved with the greatest of ease and practically bring nature into the living room.

  • A convincing result in terms of both energy savings and aesthetics
  • Large glazed area – higher solar energy gains
  • Large area, sashless fixed glazing with panes up to 54 mm thick
  • Maximum element size 6.50 m × 2.90 m for white elements
  • Uf = 1.2–1.3 W/(m²K)
  • Glazing offset up to 54 mm
  • Passive house compatible UD values up to 0.8 W/(m²K) possible
  • Fully recyclable
  • Exclusive use of lead-free stabilisers in the virgin material – greenline