76 mm systems KBE 76 double seal system AluClip Pro

KBE 76 AluClip Pro is the energy saving miracle with a quality, easy care aluminium surface. AluClip Pro is the combination of PVC-U profile and aluminium cover.

The aluminium cover can be attached with ease in production processes, yet undertakes a large part of the load bearing. Hence there is no need for steel reinforcements in the window sash or outer frame. Now empty, the steel chambers can be foam-filled with proEnergyTec before they leave the factory. With the right panes and spacers, these systems can therefore achieve the highest insulating values up to the passive house standard.

KBE 76 AluClip Pro provides you with a powerful combination of aluminium and PVC-U, an innovative system without compromising or detracting from the advantages of either material. Aluminium, for instance, presents a convincing combination of visual elegance, high durability, great stability, and the potential for countless colours and effects.

PVC-U offers outstanding thermal and sound insulating properties and yearlong functional reliability and conveys a warm feeling inside the building.

  • Intelligent combination of aluminium cover and PVC-U profile for high static stability
  • Extraordinary thermal insulation compared with aluminium windows
  • Suitable for proEnergyTec ⇒ further increase to thermal insulation
  • Outside aluminium look, inside neutral white
  • Various finishing methods and numerous RAL colours for an unlimited range of colours
  • Top marks for lasting value
  • Recyclable
  • greenline maxim
  • Easy to clean, durable and robust