88 mm systems KBE 88 centre seal AluClip Pro

There are two particular things that are highly relevant in the right choice of window profile: Aesthetics and functionality. The KBE 88 AluClip Pro is an uncompromising source of these demanding, far reaching properties. With above average performance values in quality, thermal insulation, and design potential.

A combination that couldn’t be more intelligent: The quality aluminium cover on the PVC-U profile makes optimal use of the benefits both these materials provide. The resulting stability no longer requires the usual steel reinforcement inside the sash profile. The outcome: A higher thermal insulation saves energy costs and enhances the PVC-U profile’s otherwise high level of sound and thermal insulation.

Also the look did not fall victim to compromises. On the one hand, the PVC-U gives rise to homeliness, unlike e.g. aluminium windows. In addition, the aluminium cover can be designed to individual tastes – with thousands of RAL colours and finishing effects like powder coatings or anodisation to choose from. The aluminium cover boosts the window’s weather resistance and presents above all an easy-care, robust exterior.

Disposal completes the cycle – here too, KBE is setting ambitious standards. ALuClip Pro is fully recyclable, and its constituents are introduced back into the material cycle. This not only raises the value of your property, but is a prudent investment in both the future and the environment.

  • Intelligent combination of aluminium cover and PVC-U profile for high static stability
  • Extraordinary thermal insulation compared with aluminium windows
  • Outside aluminium look, inside neutral white
  • Various finishing methods and numerous RAL colours for a huge range of colours
  • Top marks for lasting value
  • Recyclable
  • greenline maxim
  • Easy to clean, durable and robust
  • Semi offset window design of straight lines with butt joined aluminium profiles
  • Wide range of glazing thicknesses from 24 to 58 mm for installation of triple and special functional glazing