88 mm systems KBE 88 centre seal AluClip

If you want a window profile to exhibit properties like the highest quality, lasting value, and the best possible thermal insulation and reliability, then you are right in choosing the KBE 88 AluClip centre seal system for your windows and doors. Its intelligent modularity and modern upgrade technologies leave no wish unfulfilled. This end to end package is rounded off with a stylish and appealing design.

The KBE 88 AluClip system owes its name to an interesting particularity: the union of an innovative PVC-U profile system and aluminium cladding. The outcome is as impressive as it is effective – in two respects. The fundamental properties of PVC present the optimal sound and thermal insulation values. The aluminium cladding attached to the outside is characterised by high mechanical and weather resistance.

A harmonious living climate is the direct result of this combination.

Yet there are also design benefits for our customers: Aluminium cladding can very easily take the most diverse RAL colours and special finishing techniques like powder coatings and anodisation, and hence can be modified to personal tastes.

We give top priority to ecological awareness. Of great significance is the recyclability of the whole window, and the concomitant option of introducing it as a raw material to the material cycle. As a member of the VinylPlus programme, KBE has declared its commitment to sustainable recycling – and that voluntarily.

KBE 88 AluClip is your investment in a high level of comfortable living, design, sustainability, and hence the future.

  • Offset window design of straight lines with butt joined aluminium profiles
  • Extraordinary thermal insulation compared with aluminium windows
  • Outside aluminium look, inside neutral white
  • High-insulation 7-chamber centre seal technology
  • Wide range of glazing thicknesses from up to 58 mm for installation of triple and special functional glazing
  • Central steel arrangement and maximised steel reinforcement sizes for a high level of stability
  • Large-area window elements
  • Almost unlimited choice of colour of the aluminium cladding due to finishing techniques such as anodising and powder finishing
  • Long service life with little maintenance and care
  • Fully recyclable
  • Exclusive use of lead-free stabilisers in the virgin material – greenline