88 mm systems KBE 88 centre seal AddOn

KBE is an active shaper of the future, and this has been corroborated by the KBE 88 AddOn. The reason: Since its market launch, the compound sash has not only been adopted, but is also progressing under a guiding hand. The special feature takes the form of an additional, foremounted sash – an indicator of enhanced sound and thermal insulation values – and the louvres lying directly behind this and therefore inside. The benefit is as simple as it is effective: Protected behind glass against outside environmental effects, it offers you privacy and shade to the full extent. It can be operated manually or with an electric motor.

An additional pane enhances the sound and thermal insulation values. The possible panes range from security, to tinted, to self-cleaning special glazing.

The procedure: The AddOn compound sash is mounted on the aluminium cladding of the KBE 88 window system during the manufacturing process. Under certain circumstances, however, it can be mounted at a later date. Fitted windows therefore do not need to be replaced.

Yet a changeover pays off not only for that reason – improved sound and thermal insulation values maintain your sense of well being in your own home and raise the value of your property to boot. And the environment too is not left out of the matter – this is a KBE commitment. Impressive testimony can be found in the discontinuation of lead in virgin material and the high level of recyclability.

  • Optional shutter system and sunshade lies protected between the panes
  • For use on PVC-U windows with aluminium cladding
  • Additional pane increases sound and thermal insulation
  • Long-lived, robust, and eco friendly
  • Almost unlimited choice of colour of the aluminium cladding and compound sash due to finishing techniques such as anodising and powder finishing
  • Straight, recessed design with slim profile sight lines allowing the greatest amount of light in and achieving high solar energy gains
  • High-insulation 7-chamber centre seal technology
  • Large-area window elements
  • Countless window design and insulation configurations for huge design potential
  • Long service life with little maintenance and care
  • Foam filling possible with proEnergyTec
  • Fully recyclable
  • Exclusive use of lead-free stabilisers in the virgin material – greenline