76 mm systems KBE 76 centre seal system AddOn

With the KBE 76 AddOn, an additional compound sash is attached to the whole 76 mm PVC-U window with aluminium cover. This additional glazing level improves thermal and sound insulation and can also be fitted with special glazing. An optional louvre can also be integrated as a shutter system and sunshade.
The compound sash can be attached to other window systems as well. For this reason, this composite system is suitable for both restorations and new buildings.

The compound sash is already made of aluminium, so the KBE 76 centre seal system AddOn provides the whole outside of the window with an aluminium cover. This has the advantage that the compound sash merges with the window sash to form an appealing, flush mounted level. Further advantages can be induced from the composite window’s separate parts.
Since the very outset, aluminium has been associated with elegance, maximum weather resistant, and high stability, and can be subjected to a wide range of painting and finishing methods for a virtually infinite design potential.
The PVC-U profile exhibits outstanding thermal and sound insulation values as well as high functional reliability.
Supported in addition by a closed regrind cycle and the KBE pledge of never using lead based stabilisers in its virgin material, the KBE 76 AddOn is a thoroughly outstanding window solution.

  • Optionally integrated shutter system and sunshade
  • Installation depth 76 mm
  • Intelligent 6-chamber technology
  • Additional pane for greater thermal and sound insulation
  • Extraordinary thermal insulation compared with aluminium windows
  • Outside aluminium look, inside neutral white
  • Various finishing methods and numerous RAL colours for an unlimited range of colours
  • Top marks for lasting value
  • Easy to clean, durable and robust
  • Recyclable
  • greenline