76 mm systems KBE 76 centre seal system AluClip

Nowadays, windows of two different materials like PVC-U and aluminium or wood and aluminium are nothing unusual. It is a steadily growing market segment, and in some countries these combinations already make up a large proportion of windows.

KBE is meeting this swelling demand and offers an aluminium composite solution called AluClip for its 76 mm system as well. The advantage of these combinations is the sum of the advantages of each material.

For example, aluminium has always presented an elegant look and a virtually unlimited number of colour and finishing possibilities. In addition, aluminium covers exhibit good stability and weather resistance values.

The PVC-U profiles provide the basis for the KBE 76 AluClip system, for the aluminium covers are simply clipped on. In other words, the PVC-U profile provides for the thermal and sound insulation, which has been its greatest strength since the beginning. Also inside the living space, many white PVC-U profiles are felt to be more pleasant and not as cold as aluminium profiles. White PVC-U profiles are also insenstive to trends and maintain their plain and neutral look after years or the interior has been replaced completely.

And all of this with a clear conscience. As part of profine group, KBE has been one of the sustainability pioneers for years. As described by our greenline maxim, we were among the first companies years ago to use lead-free stabilisers in virgin material, and we are committed voluntarily, as part of VinylPlus, to pursue sustainable business and to achieve actual recycling goals.

  • Extraordinary thermal insulation compared with aluminium windows
  • 81 mm installation depth
  • Outside aluminium look, inside neutral white
  • Various finishing methods and numerous RAL colours for an unlimited range of colours
  • Excellent general and weather resistance thanks to the clipped-on aluminium cladding
  • Easy to clean, durable and robust
  • Recyclable
  • greenline